Drawing Procedure

1. All draw members investigate all draw equipments thoroughly.
2. Draw Chairman randomly picks up one ball (number 1 to number 6) at a time to position and equip each draw set; number wheel and Ladkrabang 6 set (drawing container and ten drawing balls).
3. Once the installation of all draw sets completed, all draw members recheck the readiness of all draw equipments. Draw Chairman specifies a starting number for all number wheels.
4. The Draw Chairman randomly selects a color ball at a time for which prize to be drawn before or after. These four color balls signify different prizes; yellow for the 2nd prize, pink for the 3rd prize, green for the 4th prize and blue for 5th prize
5. Multipick Gem "6”, this electronic draw machine draws the 2nd and 3rd prizes. Once Draw Chairman presses ‘start’ button, the fan in the bottom blows the balls around the inside of the containers. As when all balls mixed well, the chairman would press ‘select all’ button and the winning numbers go up and out through individual tube. In case of machine malfunction or error, the number wheels are replaced and drawn for the winning numbers.
6. Drawing the 4th and 5th prize, GLO staffs will manually operate the number wheels by spinning them concurrently. When all six wheels stopped spinning, numbers appeared in each frame are the winning numbers.
7. After completion of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes, the Chairman randomizes six out of nine committees for drawing the last 3 digits and last 2 digits prizes and also the 1st prize. Besides, Chairman picks up the number badge for each committee to indicate their stage post.
8. The 3-digit, the 2-digit and the 1st prizes, an officer from the Office of Atoms for Peace checks all draw equipments for any suspicious radiation. Next, the draw officers will show balls numbering 1 to 5 and put in opaque container and close properly then drop each ball one by one and spin the wheel. The officers will redo the steps for the rest of balls from number 6 to 0 and spin to mix all balls well again.
9. There are 4 winning prizes of the 3digits prizes and 1 winning prize of 2 digit prizes. Chairman picks up the rubber ball for each post.
10. The officers who stand at each post will keep spinning the wheel every times when the chairman raises the lever so the ball can put in at the front.
11. The officers at each post open the balls and show those balls to the committees and public.
12. After showing the number, the officer closes the balls and puts those balls in the wheel and then all the officers move to the next post. The chairman randomizes the post for the next prizes.
13. For the 1st prize, the officer will keep spinning the wheel as same as the drawing prizes of the 3 and 2 digits prizes. All 6 committees raise the lever so the ball can put in at the front.
14. Officers bring the transparency tray to chairman so he/she can put all the 6 balls in the wheels and then spin the wheels.
15. Next, chairman randomizes the rubber ball for each post in order to choose which post will be the drawing post by raising the lever then the ball dropped in order and put the ball at each post.
16. Officers open all the balls and show them to the committees and public. Then move forward to announce the 1st prize and the 2 closest prizes of the 1st prize.
17. Drawing the extra prize of the 1st prize in group I (unit 01-30), the prize is 30 million baht and in group II (unit 51-70), the prize is 20 million baht. The drawing procedures of these prizes use the device called "Saturn” which made from acrylic and it is round and transparent. This device can carry up to 100 balls from the number of 00-99, each one will have different color. Extra prize of the 1st prize will be drawn first by putting the balls number 01-30. The device will generate the air pressure system so the balls can be mixed and then the balls are floated to the above and streamed down to the side rails. Then the prize of group II will be drawn which uses the balls number 51-66 and follows the same procedures as the group I. If the device is fail to perform, the Lat Krabang 6/5 model will be used instead by raising the lever so the ball can drop to the tray in case of the drawing the prizes at the headquarter could not take place.
18. After complete all the drawing prizes, officers will take all the balls out of the devices to show the public that all the 10 numbers was in the wheels.

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