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Ensuring the authenticity of a winning ticket

Numbers It is the numbers that specify on the ticket Verified Numbers It is for machine to check the authenticity and prove to pay the prize. Barcode It is for computer or machine to check the numbers and authenticity of the ticket. Each ticket has unique barcode.
English Text It is located below the numbers. Symbol It can be image or symbol. The mean of English text below the numbers. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ZER-ONE-TWO-THR-FOR-FIV- SIX-SEV-EGT-NIN
1. The color of paper or ticket is closed to yellow, thin and smooth. 2. When hold the paper against the light, the watermark (A fabulous bird �Wayupak) will appear explicitly. 3. There are 2 types of silk thread in the paper. One is able to see by your own eyes and the other one could not and need the ultra-violet light in order to illuminate and see the silk thread. 4. The paper is coated with chemicals. To test the paper, it can be by bleaching with Benzene or Haiter. If drop those on the printed paper for tickets, the blot and stain will be in sight and it will not appear if it is not the coated paper.